Examples of Fives

The Motivations and Inner Conflicts of Type Five Fives combine the Mind Triad with the Withdrawn Stance. This means that the need to understand and feel secure calls out most urgently for their attention, and they prefer to address that need with reflection and contemplation. Fives find it inherently satisfying to observe and understand their… Continue Reading →

An Overview of Twos

How Motivation Creates Personality We are shaped by our environments, but we are not blank slates. The assumption behind the Enneagram is that we are born with a general motivation: a sense that some value would be particularly meaningful, and the absence of that value would be particularly devastating. We can’t explain why, but the… Continue Reading →

Motivation and Maturity

In two previous posts, I talked about some things that are often mistaken for motivation, and elaborated on how goals are different from motivation. In essence, a character’s motivation is that abstract, elusive something that is personally meaningful. A goal is a tangible thing that symbolizes that intangible longing. Often a character begins a story… Continue Reading →


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